Ventura Pons

After a decade in stage direction, Ventura Pons made his first film, Ocaña, an Intermittent Portrait (1977), selected for the 1978 Cannes Film Festival. He has twentyone features to his credit, including La rubia del bar (1986), El perquè de tot plegat (1994), Caresses (1997), Beloved/Friend (1998),  To Die (Or not) (1999), Anita Takes a Chance (2000), Food of Love (2001), Idiot Love (2004), Life on the Edge (2006), Barcelona (a Map) (2007), Forasters (2008), screened at TGLFF 2009, A la deriva (2009), Mil cretins (2011) e Any de Gràcia (2011).


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