Monika Treut

Monika Treut was born in Mönchengladbach in 1954. She studied Literature in Marburg/Lahn. Her video work dates back to 1976. In 1984 she founded the company Hyäne/Hyena Filmproduktion together with Elfi Mikesch. Her films focus on feminism, gender and sexuality. She made her debut in 1985 with Verführung: Die Grausame Frau, based on Venus in Furs and focused on a performance of famous dancer Pina Bausch. Among her recent works: My Father Is Coming (1991), worldwide acclaimed, Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting (1998), Warrior of Light (2001) Begegnung mit Werner Schroeter (2003), Made In Taiwan (2005) and Tigerwomen Grow Wings (2005).


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