Leopoldo Mastelloni

His debut as an actor was in Naples, in 1965, playing textes by Antonin Artaud, Jean Genet and Hugo Von Hoffmanstahl. At the beginning of 70's Antonello Falqui, a successfull director of Italian TV varieté, asked him to be part together with Italian pop singer Loredana Berté and Italian actor Christian De Sica, of the show Bambole, non c'è una lira! He still continues to play in theatre, in dramas as well as in comedy genre and in cabaret. In 1976 the show Mastellomania takes place in Rome. In 1979, he records the song Il mio slip fa pam pam, not properly a hit, but important to find out his strong self-irony. In 1980, he works again with Antonello Falqui in Studio '80. He also takes part in some Italian film comedies: Pasquale Festa Campanile's Culo & Camicia and Flavio Mogherini's Per favore occupati di Amelia, after Georges Feydeau. In 1981, he records tthe single Ambiguità. He is one of the protagonists, together with F. Murray Abrham, of the film Russicum, 1988, by Pasquale Squitieri. In 1991 he realises the LP Rythmo Italiano. Eventually he continues to work for theatre, and, In 2000, he records another LP: Quando ero un neomelodico, with fourteen napoletanean songs sung with his usual irony.

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