Giorgio Ferroni

Giorgio Ferroni (b. 1908, Perugia; d. 1981, Rome) earned a law degree in 1932 before working as a film critic for La Ruota. In 1933, he was assistant director to Gennaro Righelli and began working at the Istituto Luce. He collaborated on the documentaries Pesca nel golfo and Terra di Fuoco and on short films. After working as assistant director to Carmine Gallone on Scipio the African, he made his directorial film debut with L’ebrezza del cielo (1940), a documentary-like film highly acclaimed by the public. Over the following decade, his films continued in the documentary style, such as Fuoco nel deserto (1940) and White Vertigo (1956). His later films (historic, horror, mythology) were notable for their technical quality.

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