The Monkey's Mask

Feature Film Australia Canada France Japan Italy 2000

Sydney, Australia. Jill is a 28-year-old private detective, capable, unemployed and openly lesbian. In search of clients, she starts to investigate the case of Mickey, a young student who has mysteriously disappeared after a poetry reading. During the investigation, Jill meets Diana, Mickey’s seductive poetry professor, with whom she starts an intense but complicated affair. In the meantime, Mickey is found dead. Devastated by the loss, her parents engage Jill to find the murderer. Jill will soon have to find the answer to some disturbing questions, uncover the identity of the person to whom Mickey had dedicated her erotic poetry, and the connection between Mickey and her favourite poets. And she will also have to find out who is leaving threatening messages in verse on her answer phone. Blinded by passion, Jill takes a wrong step in her search for the truth, putting her own life in jeopardy. A noir in which poetry and variations on the subject of the investigator seduced by a scheming woman make for an intriguing story. Based on the novel in verse by Dorothy Porter who also wrote the screenplay.

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