The Wound (The Wound)

Feature Film France Germany Netherlands South Africa 2016

Eastern South Africa. A group of teenagers, from the Khosa ethnic group, are preparing for the ukwaluka, a rite of passage to adulthood, consisting of circumcisions that take place during a period of isolation in the mountains. Kwanda, a rich, westernized boy, is one of them. Forced to take part in the rite by his father, a traditionalist, who is displeased by the "feebleness" of his son, kwanda is unable to adapt easily to an environment so full of latent aggression and flaunted maleness. Xolani, a 30-year-old worker, a loner and introvert, who is the khaukatha, or mentor, of the group, immediately takes a liking to him and takes care of him. But Kwanda realizes that Xolani is hiding something, a kind of wound that has never healed and that will bleed once again. A courageous and dark bildungsroman, John Trengrove's debut feature film is a continuation of his short film iBhokhwe, presented at Lovers FF in 2014.

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