The Life and Death of Celso Junior

Documentary Greece 2011

Boots on the shelves, boots hanging from the ceiling, boots in the bedroom, boots on and under the bed. They are black, shining and leather; a total of six hundred of them. This is the personal collection of Celso Junior, a Brazilian artist who, after leading a wandering existence, currently lives in Switzerland. Since his childhood he has had this passion: as a matter of fact, his very first contact with a pair of boots was a real revelation for him- an epiphany, a combination of fear and lust. He has followed this magnificent obsession all his life. Greek film director Panayotis Evangelidis visits Celso's (and his husband's) home, where both live with their cats, where he paints his pictures and, obviously, where there are boots, uniforms and leather clothes of every kind. All this is his life: the reveries, ironies and work of an eccentric fetishist, who is also the entertaining, crazy protagonist, as he says, of many deaths and rebirths.  
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