The Dream Children

Feature Film Australia 2014

A very successful TV personality, and more than a little vain, Steve is admired by men and adored by women. But for him celebrity becomes a double edged sword, which leads him to jealously hide a secret: nobody would ever suspect that for years he has been living an affluent, stable life, though with a few escapades, with Alex, one of his greatest fans. As Alex's wish to become a father grows stronger, the gay-couple decide first to adopt a child. But they then turn to black market on the Internet and contact a desperate pregnant girl, a drug addict, who's looking for a few dollars just to survive. The new baby arrives and is growing up, but after a few years his mother comes back and the trouble begins... The Dream Children is the first movie for a 50-year-old stage director: it is a rather politically incorrect, half serious dramedy, in its own way very provocative.  

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