The Cakemaker

Feature Film Germany Israel 2017

Berlin. Thomas is a pastry cook and one of his regular customers is Oren, an Israeli engineer, whose wife and son live in Jerusalem. Thanks to Thomas' wonderful cakes, the two fall in love. But one day Oren suddenly stops coming to the shop. Thomas decides to go to Jerusalem to understand the reasons behind his disappearance. There he goes to the coffee shop run by Anat, Oren's wife, and, pretending to look for a job, he becomes the new dishwasher. When his talent as a pastry cook comes out, the doors of the kitchen open for him. But Moti, Oren's Orthodox Jewish brother doesn't look kindly on Thomas. Very soon Thomas' cakes are a success with the customers, while the relationship between Thomas and Anat become less professional, and more adventurous and intimate...

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