Taekwondo (Taekwondo)

Feature Film Argentina 2016

Eight athletic, macho Argentines spend a weekend at Fernando's country house: they sunbathe, spend hours in the pool and take saunas together as they boast about their latest female conquests. There is a strong sense of camaraderie among the young men, although the atmosphere seems testosterone-loaded: everyone claims to be hetero, and yet they hug, kiss, caress and even fondle one another. The only exception is Germàn, whose homosexuality is unknown to anybody. He was invited by Fernando to join the close-knit group (none of whom he knows) so that they can train together in Taekwondo, through which the two men met. But Germàn is secretly attracted to Fernando. How will he cope in this situation? Marco Berger (director of El reloj and the two Sexual Tension's episodes) and Martin Farina (director of Fullboy) are once again selected at Lovers FF with this highly voyeuristic comedy, where the microcosm is an entertaining metaphor for the heteronormativity that surrounds us.

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