Spa Night (Spa Night )

Feature Film USA 2016

David Cho is an eighteen-year-old Korean-American living in Los Angeles with his parents, two conservative migrants who run a restaurant. When the number of customers falls off, they are forced to close and find another way to make money. While David's mother manages to find a job as a waitress, his father falls into depression and takes refuge in alcohol. Ready to do anything to help, David finds a job in a gay sauna, though he keeps it a secret from his parents. In the spa's clouds of steam, he discovers a completely new world of casual encounters and promiscuous sex. A real revelation for David, which he finds very arousing, and apparently rejects, triggering conflicting feelings that he cannot escape This movie is an autobiographical coming-of-age story, where Andrew Ahn, in his debut as director, depicts his dramatic journey of self-discovery. Joe Seo, playing the main character, was awarded the Special Mention for Outstanding Performance at Outfest Film Festival and the Dramatic Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Performance at Sundance.

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