Feature Film South Africa 2007

Society is originally a four-part South African mini-series, here in one feature film. et in the urban jungle of post-apartheid South Africa, Johannesburg, an icon of prosperity and everything that Africa could be, Society revolves around the reality of four Xhosa female BEE Buppies. Dineo commits suicide, and her four best friends, Akua, Lois, Innocentia and Beth, reunite to help Dineo’s mother pay for and organize her funeral. In the process they help each other find meaning amid the chaotic situations each has created while they have been apart. Beth, a closeted lesbian private-school teacher is in a loving, happy relationship with Thuli. When her quiet secret life is interrupted by Dineo's death, Beth has to consider how to come out to her old friends, and to the society. During the apartheid era, black communities set up informal saving schemes, known as Societies, to assist each other in burying their loved ones, because they were barred from using the existing financial infrastructures that were reserved for the white population. The title is also a direct reference to the definition of the word society: the unwritten rules of a particular culture, that society's expectations and norms of young black women in particular, living in an era of plenty. Society, which premiered on SABC1 in January 2007, is Puo Pha's (which means "tell it like it is") first television production and was written and produced by Makgano Mambolo and Lodi Matsetela, the two company’s founder.  

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