Raven's Touch (Raven's Touch)

Feature Film USA 2015

Raven Michaels has retired to live a quiet life in the woods. It is a self-inflicted punishment, the personal sentence she is serving for a tragic car accident she caused. Isolation, however, is not bringing the positive results she had hoped for: on the verge of a breakdown she wanders the woods like a restless animal. When she meets Kate, who has brought her two teenagers camping, at first she seems irritable and aggressive. Kate too is trying to heal her wounds far from the world. A long relationship has just ended and she is on holiday because she wants to rebuild the bond with her children, far from daily distractions. Despite a difficult beginning, a strong relationship forms between the two women which allows them to ease the pain they have experienced in their lives. After A Marine Story, the strong film she starred in, produced and presented at TGLFF in 2011, Dreya Weber is now back in the feature film competition, co-starring with  actress Traci Dinwiddie, who performed in Elena Undone and in Stuff.  

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