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"Good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives," but Kena and Ziki long for something more.Despite the political rivalry between their families, the girls remain close friends, supporting each other to pursue their dreams in a strongly conservative society. When love blossoms between them, the two girls will be forced to choose between happiness and safety. "Rafiki" means "friend" in Swahili, and often when Kenyan people of the same sex have a relationship, they decide not to refer to their partners, lovers, life companions, husbands or wives as they would like to, and they simply call them "rafiki". The film is set in a vibrant neighborhood in Nairobi where everybody knows each other and privacy is a luxury. Rafiki focuses on the themes of love, choice, and freedom, highlighting the problem of human rights relating to homosexual relationships in East Africa. Not only the freedom to love, but also the freedom to create stories.

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