Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo (Raging Sun, Raging Sky)

Feature Film Mexico 2008

Julián Hernández portrays love as an epic act of martyrdom in which redemption and fulfilment can only be found in the afterlife. The film tells the story of two men, Kieri and Ryo, and their unquestioning love for each other. The absoluteness of this love gives meaning to their lives. But their mutual devotion is not to last: Ryo is abducted and, as a result, Kieri must now embark upon a mysterious journey. Unbeknown to him, it is “Corazón del cielo”, or heaven’s heart herself that leads and protects the lovers on their quest and spurs on Kieri’s longing. Escape, searching and waiting are the stages of Ryo’s lonely journey which ends in his death, while Kieri, desperate to find his beloved, agrees to sacrifice his body to bring about Ryo’s resurrection.  

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