Mr. Peabody & Sherman (Mr. Peabody e Sherman)

Feature Film USA 2014

Not all children can boast of an adoptive stepfather like Sherman's. He is Mr. Peabody, a white dog who has taken the place of Sherman's real parents. Mr. Peabody has a superior level of intelligence (he is a Nobel Prize winning scientist, among other things) and he has incredible sports skills. However, Sherman's schoolmates do not feel the same way. A dog for a father? What kind of stupid joke is this? They bully and torment Sherman. They don't know that Mr. Peabody has invented the WABAC, a time machine you can use to relive important events in human history. One day Sherman lets Penny, a classmate he dislikes, use this amazing invention. Events take an unexpected turn and Mr. Peabody will have to save the situation. Mr Peabody & Sherman is an entertaining 3D computer-animated film on the theme of diversity and tolerance. Produced by DreamWorks Animation, the film promotes the acceptance of differences.

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