Malila: The Farewell Flower

Feature Film Thailand 2017

Bai Sri are elaborately-folded flower arrangements, made with banana leaves and jasmine blossoms, symbolizing love and virtue in Thai Buddhist philosophy. Though visually stunning, they tend to wither very fast. Pitch and Shane, who once were lovers, know this only too well. After being separated for many years, theyrevive their relationship by making these floral ornaments together. While Shane is still recovering from the end of his marriage and the death of his daughter, Pitch is struggling with his own tragedy: he has just discovered he is terminally ill. To escape from the pain they are both suffering, they decide to return to the times they were together, a past that has never seemed so far off: past and present alternate like a hallucination. But when Shane finds out that Pitch is dying, he decides to become a Thai monk for life. A movie with an elegiac and melancholy tone, poised between existential pain and the contemplation of that pain.

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