Maciste all'inferno

Feature Film Italy 1962

Loch Lake, Scotland, the mid 17th century. Judge Parrish sentences Martha Gunt to burn at the stake for sorcery. Before being consumed by the flames, she casts a curse on the village and on Parrish, a former lover. A hundred years later, a newly wed woman of the same name comes to the village with her husband to spend their honeymoon. Strange happenings after their arrival lead the locals to think that she, too, is a witch. Brought before the judge, she is condemned to death. But Maciste intervenes, descending into Hell to battle the demon that holds power over the village. The location for the Hell setting was the Castellano caves. Freda inserted sequences from other films (Son of Samson, Atlas against the Cyclops, Maciste at the Court of the Great Khan, all produced by Donati and Carpentieri) to “refresh” Maciste’s memory.

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