Ma vie avec James Dean (My Life with James Dean)

Feature Film France 2017

Géraud Champreux is a young director who has made his first feature film, Ma vie avec James Dean, a drama with echoes of Jean Genet, the story of torrid homosexual passion. In order to promote the film he has organized some screenings in the north of France, in Calais and nearby towns, even though this area seems too provincial to launch Gérard's dreams of glory. Although he is having relationship trouble with the actor who plays the leading role in his film, Gérard sets off on this promotional tour, which appears to him to be a leap in the dark. Things don't start well: as soon as he arrives his mobile phone is stolen, and he ends up feeling like a stranger in a strange land. The first of a series of unlucky and surreal (but extremely funny) situations, which, in the end, will make him grow as a human being and give him the inspiration for a new film project. Aan odd meta-comedy which is, first and foremost, a tribute to those who love cinema and make films whatever the cost.

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