Luan qing chun (Beautiful Crazy)

Feature Film Taiwan 2008

Before they could figure out what was happening, Xiao-Bu finds herself in a cat fight with Angel over a cigarette, Ah-Mi sleeps with Xiao-Bu's boxer boyfriend, and Angel kisses Xiao-Bu. What could be worse? Imagine living with an alcoholic father who choose nothing in life but to stare out of a window. Picture the embarrassment if bird droppings stained your clothes just as you were asking someone out on a date. All three girls fall in love, feel hurt, forget and have experiences that are as random as 17 year-old Xiao-Bu's coin toss which decides her future relationship with Angel. In the same place but different time, Angel's hair catches on fire when she leans forward to examine a coin. Everything happens by chance, beyond reason.

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