Let My People Go!

Feature Film France 2011

Ruben, a gay French postman, lives and works in Finland, in a village out of a fairytale. He lives with Taaru, his handsome, blond boyfriend, but their sudden break-up, caused by a simple misunderstanding, leads Taaru to throw Ruben out of their cottage by the lake. Ruben is thus forced to go back to France, where his terrifying family is waiting for him: they are very observant Jews and they have never truly accepted his homosexuality. Apocalyptic scenarios loom ahead for Ruben: he does not want to deny his own sexuality, but the burden of his oppressive family makes life really hard for him. A deliberately farcical and kitsch comedy, in which the director plays on the stereotypes of the gay world and Judaism, taking inspiration from masters such as Woody Allen and Wes Anderson. Their influence is clearly seen in the dreamy way the characters' childhood is depicted. Carmen Maura, Almodóvar's favourite actress, plays Ruben's scatterbrained mother.
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