La vendetta di Ercole (Goliath and the Dragon aka Vengeance of Hercules aka Hercules' Revenge)

Feature Film France Italy 1960

In his final labor, Hercules captures Cerberus, the three-headed dog, but in so doing attracts the ire of the gods who swear punishment on his son Hyllus should he ever set foot in a royal palace. Ten years later, Hyllus falls in love with Thea, the daughter of King Eurytus of Oechalia. Hercules warns his son against marrying Thea. But Eurytus, plotting Hercules’ death and the conquest of Thebes, devises a trick to have Hyllus marry Thea. Through Alcinoe, a slave woman, he tells Hyllus that Hercules is against the marriage only because he is secretly in love with Thea; he then has Alcinoe bring Hyllus a potion he says will stop Hercules from loving Thea, but the vial really contains a poison. Alcinoe meets Hercules in the meantime and wants no harm to come to him. She tells Hyllus the truth about the potion and both are captured by Eurytus’ spies. Hercules comes to their rescue.

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