Jonas (Boys)

Feature Film France 2018

Jonas (Felix Maritaud) is an elusive, fascinating and handsome thirty-year-old man who is trying to fill voids that he cannot name with passing distractions. He throws himself into Toulouse's nightlife and attends a gay club searching for casual one-night encounters. He can't recall ever having a stable relationship, but he feels a nostalgic obsession with the past. He remembers when he was discovering his homosexuality and, at the age of fifteen, shy and embarrassed, he had a beautiful, gentle love affair, which now seems like a dream, with a rebellious teenager Nathan (Tommy Lee Baik). The double time setting: the present (2015) and the memories (1997) continues throughout the film and emphasises how the present and the past interweave continuously. The embarrassed youngster has become a tough, tormented man. What kind of trauma brought him to this point? The film was awarded prizes for Best TV Film, Best Director and Best Soundtrack at the Festival International du Film de La Rochelle in 2018.

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