In memoria di me (In Memory of Me)

Feature Film Italy 2007

Presented in the competition category at the 57th Berlin Film Festival, winner of the 2007 Nastro d’Argento for Best Editing (Francesca Calvelli) and Best Sound Recording (Gabriele Moretti), the film also ran for Best Director and Best Supporting Actor (Filippo Timi). Filmed entirely shot in a Jesuit convent on San Giorgio Maggiore in the Venetian lagoon, the film tells the story of young, wealthy and successful Andrea. Dissatisfied with his material life, he decides to find answers that only meditation and spiritual reflection can give. He takes religious vows. In the confraternity, he discovers the strength of silence and faith but remains tormented by inner doubt which he shares with the other novices. His friendship with Zanna, a rebellious novice, will convince Andrea of the indulgence of the place and the impossibility of his faith. Personal (re)discovery may not necessarily be enough to soothe all one’s doubts and lead to an appreciation for rediscovered freedom.

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