Il toro Ferdinando

Feature Film USA 2017

Ferdinand's destiny seems to be already decided: to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a bullfighting bull. But he cannot get rid of a bad memory, which was when his father did not come back from the arena. In addition, Ferdinand knows that he is kind and gentle, he prefers flowers to the battles in front of spectators thirsty for blood, which means his own blood. His only solution is to cut and run from the farm where he was born, to be himself, and avoid a future that will not be at all happy. Once he's outside the fence, Lisa, the little daughter of a flower grower, gives him a home. To Ferdinand this is heaven! But just when his life seems to be going as he had always wished, suddenly, his past comes back to haunt him: because of a misunderstanding, Ferdinand is forced to take part in a bullfight. Will he make it? Nominated for an Academic Award and for the 2018 Golden Globe as best animated film.

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