Henry Gamble's Birthday Party (Henry Gamble's Birthday Party)

Feature Film USA 2015

It's Henry's 17th birthday and his parents have organized a pool party in a typical house in American Suburbia. Among the guests of all ages, most of whom belong to the congregation of Bob, a Baptist pastor, there is great tension, like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, fuelled by sexual impulses and hidden personal problems. Kat, Henry's mother, is fed up with her marriage and her daughter Autumn feels sexual urges that do not fit with her rigid Christian upbringing. So, with fathers of families spying on teenagers in bikinis, fake smiles concealing unhappiness and anger, everybody seems to be wondering, often obsessively, about the sexual orientation of Gabe, a classmate of Henry's. This is an ensemble drama, a little like those of Altman and Paul Thomas Anderson, in which Stephen Cone, the son of a Protestant pastor, describes, in a detached way, the misery of the most backward American middle class.  

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