Fourth Man Out (Fourth Man Out)

Feature Film USA 2015

Adam, Chris, Ortu and Nick  have been friends for ever: raised in the same small town in the state of New York they've spent their free time together drinking beer, having laughs, watching hockey games on TV and playing video games. On his twenty-fourth birthday, Adam has a special surprise for them: his coming out. Disturbing news that leaves them  speechless: their  first attempts to approach him are clumsy, full of astonishment and the inability to relate to someone who has turned out to be "different". Nevertheless, Chris, Ortu and Nick slowly reach out to Adam and try to support him in this very important transition, helping him out in his difficult quest for a partner. One of them tells him, "Since you're gay you have a great advantage over us: you're a guy, so you already know how to act with the guy you'll be going out with." A fun, ironic buddy movie, in an unusual blue-collar setting.  

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