Ercole contro Moloch (Hercules Against Moloch aka Conquest of Mycene)

Feature Film France Italy 1963

After being destroyed by an earthquake, Mycene is rebuilt on the site where Queen Pasifae gives birth to a son. Born deformed, the child’s face is veiled and a cult is created around him by the High Priest, Asterion. Molloch is worshipped with gifts and human sacrifices by a populace forced to pay tribute to his glory. As the city’s power grows, it extends its sphere of influence over other cities. Resistance is met with death. When Mycena demands tribute from Tyre, Glauco, called Hercules, offers himself as hostage in a secret plan to gain entrance to the enemy city and destroy its dominion. Emerging victorious from the ensuing battles, he saves his beloved Medea from Molloch and frees the Myceneans.

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