Die Geschwister (Brother & Sister)

Feature Film Germany 2016

It has become more and more difficult to find a flat at a reasonable price in Neukölln, a district of Berlin which once was exclusively home to the working class but in the last few years has become increasingly popular with the middle class: paying a deposit and possessing a permanent job contract are often not enough. Thies is an estate agent with proverbial German inflexibility. However, one day he meets Bruno and Sonia, who claim to be brother and sister and to come from Poland. Thies is struck by them, also emotionally: sometimes he hears them speaking Russian, but in particular he is intrigued by the fact that the two siblings do not look at all alike. Breaking all the rules, Thies rents a flat to them without asking for any money or for references. He also starts a relationship with Bruno. Thies is fascinated by the air of mystery that surrounds the two and feels a sense of solidarity, which is new for him. In a city like Berlin, multicultural and without a clear identity, with illegal immigrants and locals in conflict, a thriller of the emotions, where those who flee win,while those who remain can only "tie" the game.

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