Dancing (Ballroom)

Feature Film France 2003

Patrick is a writer who lives on the first floor of a building by the sea in Brittany . He has been working on a novel for some time, but he seems to have run out of ideas and the willpower to finish it. On the ground floor of the building, where there once used to be a dance hall, is the studio of his boyfriend René, a creative artist, who is working on an exhibition focused on the figure of the bear. René too is feeling on edge and afflicted by something that gives him uncertainty and no peace: a terrible image of two identical people dressed as clowns persecutes him. Although he's trying to concentrate on his work, he feels that something is not right. In an escalation of inexplicable phenomena, he begins to be tormented by voices that only he can hear. Until one day he comes face to face with his double. A mystery that develops into a surrealistic and disturbing drama.

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