Chun gwong cha sit (Happy Together)

Feature Film Hong Kong 1997

Inspired by the novel by Manuel Puig, The Buenos Aires Affair, the film narrates the story of Lai Yiu-Fai and Ho-Po Wing, two lovers who left Hong Kong to travel to distant Argentina, a possible promised land. But during the journey Ho-Po Wing leaves his partner, so Lai remains in Buenos Aires, working in a tango-bar and waiting to be able to go home. One day, Ho reappears, hurt, needing help and in love again. A tortuous, complex love story told through contrasts: in plot, landscapes, alternation of black and white and colour, pace and soundtrack (Caetano Veloso, Astor Piazzolla, Frank Zappa...). 'One of the reasons why I decided to direct this film in Argentina is that I was sick of answering questions about the future of Hong Kong, now that it is 1997 and we belong to China. But I discovered that the further away I went, the more I thought about Hong Kong,' said director Wong Kar-Wai. Happy Together is a work of art with a strong visual impact, thanks to Chris Doyle's cinematography which is full of poetry and strong, authentic images. One striking scene: the two lovers cling together, entwined more than embracing, in a desperate dance that seems to stress eternity and their belonging to one other. Best direction at the 50th Cannes Festival. This is the 25th film that you, the fans of our Festival, have chosen by voting in our website poll.  
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