Califórnia (Califórnia)

Feature Film Brazil 2016

Brazil, 1984.Teenager Estela has possessive parents, but inside and around her she feels things are going to change: she has her first period and loses interest in Xande, the blond surfer, in favour of  handsome, moody JM. He has just joined her class, listens to the coolest music (he seems to have stepped straight out of Jesus & Mary Chain) and he has an aura of mystery around him. Meanwhile, her uncle Carlos, her hero, comes back from California, the city Estela has always dreamt of going to. But, unfortunately, she gets some bad news: Carlos has contracted HIV, a recently detected virus that is still little known. For Estela this is the beginning of a time of discovery, often painful, of overwhelming passions and apparently insurmountable disappointments. This is a gentle coming-of-age story which relies on an accurate historical re-enactment to narrate the troubles and  joys experienced in the process of becoming an adult. It also has an amazing soundtrack: David Bowie (who is a real obsession for Estela), Joy Division, The Cure.  

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