Feature Film USA 2014

The world preview of the last film starring Robin Williams before he passed away in August 2014. Once again, Williams plays the role of a naive and meek man who is also capable of noble and eccentric acts. He is 60-year-old Nolan, married and "normal", who has always been aware of his homosexuality but is using his status as a married man to hide the truth. Everything changes when, one night, he gives a lift to a young rent boy, Leo, and pays him for company instead of sex. This is how Nolan realises how insincere his existence has been and decides to make a play for Leo, with embarrassing naiveté. A great successm at the Tribeca Film Festival of New York, this film is the latest by Dito Montiel, who has already been acclaimed by both the public and film critics for A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.    

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