At The End of the Day

Feature Film USA 2018

Dave Hopper has lost his wife and all that this conservative thirty-two-year-old man has left is his part-time job as professor at his university, a booming Christian college. However, Dave got the job only thanks to the previous professor, who is now the dean and who wants to involve him in a plan to stop the creation of an aggregation center for LGBTQI adolescents on the college property. The project, organized by a gay support group, constitutes an unexpected obstacle to the dean's ambitions, and he is ready to use every possible means to block it. Therefore, Dave is forced to infiltrate the group undercover, with the aim of hindering the raising of funds needed to purchase the property and build the centre. After his initial reluctance, Dave, both excited and embarrassed, will embark on a journey of authenticity which will reveal the complexity of life and love and will call into question a vision of the world only in black and white.

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