Al Berto

Feature Film Portugal 2017

After studying painting in Brussels and getting to know the hippie and bohemian nightspots of the Belgian capital, Al Berto, a 25-year-old poet and member of the upper middle class, returns to his native Portuguese village Sines. It is 1975 and after the overthrow of the military dictatorship the previous year, in Portugal winds of change are blowing, which Al Berto immediately grasps. He becomes the point of reference for the young people of Sines, with whom he shares a love for art and culture. His house, illegally occupied and used to organize amazing parties, becomes the centre of wild "happenings" that shock the tranquillity of the sleepy village. He is supported by everyone who wants to live in freedom and is opposed by the backward and bigoted provincial government, who cannot and do not want to understand this outrageous behaviour. As for instance the relationship between Al Berto and handsome João Maria... A heartfelt hymn to freedom and hedonism, a huge box office success in Portugal.

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