54: The Director’s Cut

Feature Film USA 2015

54, again. Studio 54, directed by Mark Christopher in 1998, was about the hedonistic frenzy of the famous New York City discotheque during the late '70s, a wild experience of sexual freedom and excess that marked an era and made disco music a global phenomenon. As the director says, "A time not-so-long-ago, when being young or homosexual meant freedom, excitement and, most of all, sex was sexy". In the cast there are stars like Ryan Phillippe, playing the good-looking leading character, the stunning actresses Salma Hayek and Neve Campbell, and ex Austin Powers Mike Myers. But at the time the producers got out the scissors and re-edited the movie, cutting out many hard scenes and sugarcoating the bisexuality of the main character, bartender Shane. After finding the scenes that were cut, 36 minutes of footage, Christopher worked on the movie again, until it finally reflected his original intentions. The result is harsher, more risqué and... more gay. Previewed at the Berlin Film Festival.

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