2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten (2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten )

Feature Film Philippines 2016

Late 90's, Philippines. In the city of Angeles, which is returning to normal after the catastrophic eruption of volcano Pinatubo, Felix attends tenth grade with good grades. He does not have any friends, but this does not worry him, because his aim is to be top of the class and to move away once he graduates. His life takes a new, unexpected direction when the Snyder brothers arrive. Magnus and Maxim are the children of a local prostitute and an American soldier, whom they wish to join in the United States. Felix is attracted to their aura of coolness, due to their Philippine and American origins. As the acquaintance with Maxim and, in particular, with Magnus, turns into friendship, Felix is troubled by complex and unknown emotions. These feelings will lead him to create a bond with the two brothers and discover the mysteries that they hide, which he will end up fighting against.

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